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Hail and Welcome!

On these pages you will find my pictorial tribute to the extraordinary actor Mr. Richard Dean Anderson. I've followed his career for nearly 20 years. He remains my favorite television star and one of my very favorite celebrities.

Numerous interviews in print and visual media have given the world a glimpse into the world of this very talented and private man. I have grown to admire his personal values in regards to the environment, aboriginal rights, and children.

In addition to being a man of great intelligence and wit, Mr. Anderson was and continues to be a phenomenally sexy man. As a teenager I fell in love with his warm brown eyes and mullet style hair. Now as an adult I see the same easy grace and charm well tempered by years of experience. He has aged extremely well!

On these pages you will find pictures from; The MacGyver years, The Stargate Years, and behind the scenes/interviews interspersed with the occasional candid shot. There is also a small section devoted to Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping in their roles as Brig. General Jack O'Neill and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. These pictures are meant to showcase the "relationship" between the two characters and the camaraderie of the actors.

These are my favorite pictures, which I have culled from numerous online sources. There are several sites listed on my links page and credited where appropriate. I have recently begun to make my own screen captures and am in the process of replacing the pictures I have borrowed. I do not scan articles or capture from television interviews, however. My webmistress has graciously volunteered to assist in gathering images from these sources. In the meantime I have, whenever possible, asked permission of the original site owners. If you see a picture that belongs to you on these pages and wish it removed then please feel free to contact me and I will have it taken down. I do not intend offense to anyone. The sole purpose of this page is to share pictures of Richard Dean Anderson with the rest of the web. In my personal opinion his image is his alone and no one has claim to it.

If you wish to see more pictures then please visit the links page here. Several of these sites hosted the original screen captures you see here

Warmest thanks to Anakin for developing this page.

I hope you enjoy what you see here.


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